ADRC Finances

The Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Thanks to your generosity, thousands of people throughout Long Island have received ADRC’s support while coping with Alzheimer’s disease.

The donations we receive from individuals,  communities and businesses enable us to extend programming to families free of charge. We provide full, transparent disclosure of all our financial information.  If you have any questions, we’d be pleased to answer them.

Please note, Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center, Inc.(ADRC), formerly known as the Alzheimer’s Association Long Island Chapter, separated from the National Alzheimer’s Association in October 2012. Through an Arbitration process ADRC has been awarded all of its assets, tangible and intangible. ADRC continues to operate under its original Federal ID number and has been issued its own IRS Determination letter under that Federal ID number. ADRC’s original NYS Articles of Incorporation have been amended to reflect our new name and ADRC continues to hold its original NYS Tax Exemption number. ADRC has been serving local families since 1983. For more information please contact ADRC at 1-631-580-5100.